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Welcome To ASPIRA Youth Leadership Development (YLD) Outreach -a Mentoring Plus Program

Miami-Dade Broward Palm Beach

"You cannot live a lukewarm life, you have to live life with passion."

Dra. Antonia Pantoja, ASPIRA Founder.

Inherent in this quote is the essence of the ASPIRA Process and the Youth Leadership Development (YLD) Department's approach to youth programming synergy. YLD staff embraces a career full of endless intrinsic rewards and journeys. Developing ASPIRA youth is a labor of love and passion. Our journey will touch the lives of countless youngsters who will benefit tremendously from the dedication and commitment to their personal and educational growth. We strive to be prideful, be ethical, and lead by an example that our youth and constituents will be proud to follow and model.

We are extremely excited about our new web site design and the opportunity to maintain effective communication with our students, staff, family and communities. The YLD Department provides youth programs designed to assist students with achieving, career goals, pursuing post-secondary and graduate degree programs, developing immaculate social skills, becoming productive members of society and exemplifying civic engagement.

Our process develops the leadership capacity of youth by engaging them in weekly leadership club meetings guided by a curriculum designed to develop cultural and self-awareness, as well as critical thinking, leadership and social skills. This is known as the ASPIRA Process of Leadership Development.

The ASPIRA of Florida, Inc. vision is to establish more programs that serve Puerto Rican, Hispanic/Latino and other minority youth throughout the State of Florida. ASPIRA's services are sought out by our target population and are a direct response to its expressed needs. In pursuing this vision ASPIRA of Florida, Inc. has already established educational YLD programs and institutions in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

The YLD basic operational philosophy is the belief that schools, parents, families, youth and the community must be mutually engaged to develop resources and bring about positive results. Utilizing acquired knowledge and skills developed from hours of participation, "Aspirantes" take leadership roles in peer modeling, community service projects and civic engagement. ASPIRA is for youth, by youth, who always look forward, never forgetting from whence they came.

Please explore our YLD links for services in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. If your child is interested in a holistic educational setting, click on our Charter School links for a look into a fascinating, innovative approach to public school educational success.

Also feel free to contact us through email or personal telephone calls. We look forward to serving you.