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Youth helping Youth: ACF Civic Engagement Project 2009

Bright and early June 27, 2009 Aspirantes from the Broward ASPIRA Club Federation (ACF) came together to help give some special children at His House a wonderful day to remember.



civicengagement2Broward Aspirantes left for His House, a home for displaced children to put into place months of planning.  Members of the ACF were called to put a Civic Engagement Project into action and those at Broward were adamant about the importance of kids giving back to kids.  Being good role models and inspiring youth as they themselves have been inspired – to believe in a better tomorrow; this was the plan.  This was certainly an eye-opening experience for all.


As around forty-two His House children began to slowly make their way from their homes, this was the one day they were allowed to sleep in, our Aspirantes began to do their stuff.  Introducing themselves, breaking the ice and welcoming the children to the day that would be filled with touching moments – for the twenty-one Aspirantes, thecivicengagement children and not surprisingly, the staff as well. Ramon Canto, ACF President commented, “who would have thought that there could be kids like this in our very own backyard? Watching these kids and how they cared for one another regardless of their ages and sizes showed us a different perspective in life.  This experience has made us all want to participate in more projects like this one to help our community and to improve it.”  On this day, a new bond was forged between Aspirantes and the children at His House – one that we hope to grow stronger in the years to come.