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ASPIRA Broward Summer Camp Experience


Another year of summer camp is what we needed to get us moving here at ASPIRA Broward; it was quite an experience for us all. 

smmcpic3resizedThis year’s camp was a success. We delighted in watching our new sundry group of students (which were in attendance of 25- 40 students) embraced our Summer Program. Our goal for this year’s summer program, “Leadership Boot Camp” was to introduce our students to the essential leadership and life skills for the future and to provide them with fun summer activities.



When it came to teaching our student about how to face life’s unexpected turns, we did not hold back. We stepped out of the box by infusing lessons of self-esteem with drama. Students were asked to act out different scenes that did not only allow them to be themselves, but also exposed their diverse personalities. Students were given opportunities to work within group settings, which resulted in a family-like bond. We also utilized the City of Miramar Pool a couple times week and watched them enjoy the beautiful summer days.

The students became even more enlightened when LAC member,Yvonne Salas, guided them through the steps and techniques of etiquette. Guys learned how to pull out a chair for a lady and it was amazing to watch as students practiced the skill of making proper introductions.

Overall our summer here at the ASPIRA Broward division has been well spent; it allowed the staff to get a head start on recruitment for the next school year and helped build the foundation for parent and youth advisor relationships. We are definitely looking forward to doing it all over again next year.

Side notes: Special thanks to our Director, the Advisors, and LAC members, Yvonne Salas from La Portada Magazine and Pamela Serrano from Costco.