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First Place in National Chess Championship

-by Jorge L. Trujillo |Teacher and Chess Coach

May 4, 2012 -- On the weekend of April 27-29, 2012, the ASPIRA R.A.M Chess Team had the privilege of competing in the National Junior High Chess Championship in San Diego California. The team ended in the first place in "The Unrated Category" with three of its team members placing in the top ten. The joy and pride of the school because of this great accomplishment is being felt across the campus in the hallways, offices, classrooms and especially the cafeteria of ASPIRA RAM where the "Chess Fever" is running high. Students are gathering in the morning, at lunch and after school to play chess. This year has proven to have the highest attendance of Chess Club members and nonmembers.

This is the second time our school is represented at a National Chess event. The school was well represented three years ago in the Super Nationals Chess competition in Nashville, Tennessee where the team obtained the fifth place in the unrated category. However there is no doubt that the 2011-2012 team members will be remembered as one of the top chess teams in our school's history. We cheerfully congratulate Eddy Gedeon (5), Staphon Sawyer(6), Edgar Gonzalez (8), Ricardo Gaspari (9), Imani Lorceus (14), Matthew Jean Francois (17) Jordan Lorceus (24) and Derris Demeritte, for such a great job.

The Chess Program has been an exceptional extra-curricular activity at "ASPIRA North" has for about 8 years. Under the leadership of Coach Alcides Núñez and Coach Jorge L. Trujillo the "ASPIRA RAM" has participated in regional, district and state competitions with great results. This year alone the team obtained the second place in the North Regional Title I Chess competition, participated in the State Chess competition finishing in second place with some of the players receiving individual recognition.

Taking a trip across the nation with eight students, parents and school staff is costly endeavor, especially in times when the funds for education are not as easily available as in past years. It took a lot to get this done and our team proved that it was worth it. Once again the ASPIRA organization made national news. We thank everyone who made this trip possible beginning with Mrs. Iliana Peña, the School Principal who has always been a great supporter of the Chess Program and also attended the San Diego event with Coach Núñez, the administrative staff of ASPIRA of Florida for their support; And also, the teachers, the support staff, the students and the parents of "ASPIRA RAM".