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Hats from the Heart

Under knitted_hatsthe guidance of Dr. Nidya Machado, ASPIRA North Students  engaged in the art of hat knitting to help those cancer stricken patients who lose their haiir due to the chemothearapy treatment.

The students were very happy to share and to help those in need.

Dr. Machado is a cancer survivor who  was motivated by her own experience and that of others as well.  Here she shares her story:

Two years ago, I went through a life changing experience: I was diagnosed with cancer. Soon after, I went through surgery and chemotherapy and experienced the dreaded hair loss. Even though I was fortunate that I didn't lose all of my hair, I had to cut it very short.

One day, while reading the newspaper, I found that the students in Robert Morgan School of Miami had a knitting club and were donating hats for people with cancer. Since knitting is one of my hobbies, I immediately thought about the possibility of starting a club in our school and teach our students the craft, while instilling in them love and compassion for those in need. I shared the idea with Mrs. Melendez, which was very supportive, and helped me organize the club.


ASPIRA North  students kinitting club, "Hats from the Heart"

This is how the ASPIRA Knitting Club was born. A group of students meet in the afternoons one day a week to knit hats for cancer patients and we have already prepared our first delivery. Together we came up with a name for our club: Hats from the Heart.