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ASPIRA North Chess Club Makes Third Place


Team Members: (standing left to right): Daniel Julien, Nehemie Michaud, and Damian Francois.  (sitting in front): Omar Hafeez,  Juan Gonzalez

On December 12, 2009 the chess team of ASPIRA Youth Leadership Charter School in North Miami participated in the Title I Region II Chess Tournament. Once again the team came back to the school with a trophy. The "ASPIRA North" Chess team placed third on this event which qualifies the school to advance to the district tournament in May 2020. The Chess Club members who participated in the competition were elated with their third place and looking forward to the next competition.

The whole school is veryexcited with their chess team. The school principal Mrs. Iliana Peña, as well as the coaches Mr. Alcides Núñez and Mr. Jorge L Trujillo are very happy with their team's performance. Now they look forward to the district competition and beyond. This third place win is a good one given the fact that most of the good players of the past have moved on to High School or to other schools. When the current school year started, the club had a brand new group of players who had not been part of the team and had not participated in any chess tournaments. Many did not even know how to play chess when they join the team. In the past "ASPIRA North Chess team" has participated in different competitions, local, regional, district, state and national level placing in the top 5 positions.