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Honor Roll Students Rewarded With Reptile Discovery Experience

South Reptile4ASPIRA South Leadership Charter School Students, who earned Honor Roll status during the first marking period,South Reptile3 took part in Bruce Shwedick's Reptile Discovery. Since 1974 Bruce has shared his fascination and knowledge of reptiles with students of all ages in thousands of schools, at Florida Cypress Gardens and most recently, at the North Carolina Aquarium. He combines an ability to communicate with a skillful and gentle approach for an unforgettable look at the world of reptiles.

 Reptile Discovery provided an opportunity for ASPIRA South students to meet and learn about reptiles from all over the world. Their natural history, geography, and conservation were presented in a manner that students enjoyed and understood. StudSouth Reptile1ents were able to have close encounters with a fifteen pound Yellow-footed Tortoise from South America, a 4 foot long Rhinoceros Iguana from Hispaniola, a brightly colored, non-venomous Milksnake (the Coral snake mimic), the Green Anaconda from South America, and a 14 foot long albino Reticulated Python from South-east Asia.

"A student's academic performance is very important to us at ASPIRA South. We look at creative ways to keep our students motivated and engaged in learning," said Mr. Garrick S. Keidan, the school's Principal.